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We should not be surprised that technology offers elegant solutions to America's most serious problems...........nor that entrenched interests fight to maintain the status quo.




Energy Power Shift

Benefiting from Today's New Technologies




Endorsed by the Union of Concerned Scientists (click here)



Energy Power Shift outlines a clear pathway for the U.S. to achieve energy independence, solve a host of environmental problems, and stimulate an economic boom.  The book offers over a dozen economic strategies implementing the new energy-related technologies.


The author explores exciting new technologies available today that will revitalize local communities

  • creating 6.5 million NEW jobs that cannot be outsourced
  • eliminating the need for foreign oil
  • eliminating nuclear power plants
  • eliminating toxic dumping and landfills
  • reduce reliance on the electrical grid
  • enhance homeland security



Energy Revolution: Breaking Away from Big Oil, Coal, Nuclear and Business As Usual

by Barry J. Hanson

Scheduled for Release Soon




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